The CUP will be on Saturday 18th, July, at 8:00 a.m. until 21:00 p.m. in  Munkkiniemi kenttä, artificail grass.

Address : Kadetintie 2 - 00330 Helsinki.


Maximum of 24 teams with 12 players per team will play the for the cup, and once the first game has started, the players cannot be modified. Registrations can be made until Thursday, July 16th at 8:00 p.m. Cost of register 180 € per team.

Bank account: FI62 3939 0061 1872 90

• Players needs to be older than 18 years old, or 16 years old with an adult authorization.

• To be registered in the cup your team need to add the team name and the players list with: (the name, surname, ID and age, of each player. Also two captains or representatives members of the team must add the phone number. To be complete the register the enrollment fee must be paid before 16th of July, at 8:00 p.m.

• The groups table will be made following the registration order, so when is payed the registration, and the result will be published on the website on Friday 8 a.m.

• All teams are obliged to play all their games, if a team does not appear and it is known in advance that the rival team will not attend, to achieve victory a minimum of 4 players must appear at the time of the match, otherwise the two teams will be deemed not presented and disqualified.

• The schedules will be known in advance, and the teams will be required to be on the court 15 minutes before the start of the match, in case of not being there, it will only delay the start of the match 10 minutes, if after those 10 minutes courtesy the team is not on the field, will be given for losing the match 5-0, the team that does not show up will be expelled. A minimum of 4 players will be required to play a match or continue with it.

Players are obliged to present their ID or other official photo document, before the start of each match, otherwise they will not be able to participate in the match.

• There will be a compulsory insurance for all the teams, for this reason the ID of all the players will be obligatory.

• Any act of violence will be grounds for direct expulsion, the lack of respect for referees or organization can be sanctioned with the expulsion of the player or even the team. Without this implying the return of the registration fee.

• Registration in the tournament implies accept all these rules.

• The organization is not responsible for any accident that may occur during the tournament.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


• In the first phase the teams will participate in a league system (it will always depend on the final number of participants), (example for 16) in 4 groups of 4 teams each, or for 24 teams in 6 groups of 4 teams, passing to the second phase of qualifying rounds consisting of quarterfinals, semifinals and final, the first two teams of each group and the best third.

• The time per game will be 30 minutes at a running time with 1 minutes of rest in two parts of 15 minutes, without downtime in the first phase, in the second phase if there will be a team time-out and part of the game.

• In the second phase, if it´s a tie after the game, a single 5-minute extension will be contested. If the result persists after this extra time, penalties will be issued.

• The final match will be on a stopped clock.

• Before a direct red card, there will be a minimum of one suspension match. The expulsions for double yellow will not have sanction for next matches.

• The score will be as usual:

or 3 points per game won

or 1 point per tied game

o 0 points per lost game

• If any player not registered in the initial sheet participates, the game will be lost 5-0.

• As for the other unspecified points, the tournament will be governed by the regulations of the national football league.

• In case of tie to points in the first phase the following criteria will be followed:

o Double tie:

1. result between both

2. goal difference

3. greater number of goals in favor

4. fewer cards (one red equals two yellow)

o If the tie is between more than two teams:

1. goal difference

2. greater number of goals in favor.

3. fewer cards (one red equals two yellow)

• Only players, a coach and a team manager may be on the bench during games.

• If there is to be any agreement on results between teams in the game, the organization may decide to expel both teams.


3 Games Minimum Guaranteed per Team


• The prizes will be the following:


1st. 1500 euros and CUP.

2nd. 500 euros.

3rd. free registration fee for next tournament.

4th. 50% discount registration next tournament.

• The organization reserves the right to reduce the cash amount of the prizes by a maximum of 10%  If is less  than 14 teams registered in the tournament and with a minimum of 12 teams to play the tournament.

• The economic prizes will be awarded after the final dispute in the field itself.

• The inscription fee will be 180 euros per team. The group and number of your own team will be according the inscription date and time.

• The organization reserves the right to modify any point of these regulations, always with prior notice to the participants.


How to arrive:

15 - 20 min in bike from Helsinki city center, 6 Km.

Tram nº 4.

Bus nº 500 or 510 from Passila train station.

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